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Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Tue Feb 17 17:37:05 EST 2009

Almar Klein wrote:
> Hi list!
> I am using pyOpenGL to do some 3D rendering. For now I am
> quite happy with the GLCanvas of wx, but I may want to publish
> some stuff later, and it would be nice if people would not need wx.
> I found that there used to be a TK widget called Togl, but it is not
> (anymore?) included in the TK package that comes with Python.
Togl was never included with Python, it used to be included with 
PyOpenGL, but it was always a royal PITA to build as it had to be built 
against the dev versions of Tcl and Tk that matched the Python ones.  
There's now a Togl project on SourceForge that provides a Win32 build of 
Togl.  There's a hacky script in PyOpenGL 3.x's "src/toglinstall" 
directory that tries to download the package from there and install it 
for you, but I'd expect it to be rather fragile and broken.

You wind up with an external binary download requirement one way or 
another.  Togl is pretty small compared to wxPython, of course, but 
you're looking a the same basic problem.
> Have others been able to use Togl, or any other OpenGL widget in
> TK?
I installed it using the above-mentioned hacky script a few months ago, 
checked that the wrapper (OpenGL/Tk) still worked with it, and then 
promptly ceased to particularly worry about it any more.  As has been 
the case for years, Togl needs an advocate who wants to work on the 
support in PyOpenGL, without that I just have no particular interest in 
maintaining it and the headache of maintenance has vastly outweighed my 


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