Questions on Python 2.6.1 locale module

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Wed Feb 18 04:02:24 CET 2009

I've read the latest official locale documentation[1], googled
for additional resources, and have the following questions:
1. Does the following warning still apply to recent releases of
Python (and if so, is this a Python issue, a generic C runtime
issue, or a platform specific C runtime issue)
"... some implementation are broken in such a way that frequent
locale changes may cause core dumps. This makes the locale
somewhat painful to use correctly."
2. Is there a locale-like module that uses hardcoded/cached
locale settings that might support the ability to have different
locale objects? Use cases for such a module:
- ability for threads to support independent locale-type
formatting (via their own private locale object instances)
- ability to generate multi-locale output without flipping
between locales (expensive and potentially buggy)
Note: I understand this wouldn't be a perfect solution given that
the string module's 'constants' are locale sensitive.
3. Where can I find examples of how to use the locale.format()
and locale.format_string() functions? (The documentation for
these functions is too terse for me to understand).
Thank you,
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