Found a very nice, small, cross-platform GUI toolkit for Python.

Tim Roberts timr at
Wed Feb 18 03:15:00 EST 2009

laplacian42 at wrote:
>> For applications installing the full wxWidgets or Qt toolkits would be
>> less disk space and dependcies than OceanGUI
>What? Qt and wX are *huge* compared to OcempGUI.

Well, not compared to OcempGUI + SDL + PyGame.  Note that I'm not trying to
run down the product at all, but if you're going to make comparisons like
this, you really need to be fair about it.

>> and performance would probably be higher.
>Probably, but wX and Qt are written in C++. OcempGUI is pure Python,
>which would make it easier for the Python community to help extend,
>optimize, and maintain.

Again, that's hardly fair.  OcempGUI is only pure Python because it
requires the C libraries SDL and PyGame.  wxPython is basically pure
Python, also, if you don't count the C++ wxWidgets library underneath it.

As you say, if you are already using SDL and PyGame, this sounds like a
great solution.  But for someone starting from scratch, it's not yet clear
to me that OcempGUI substantially better than wx.
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