Revision Control

Tim Wintle tim.wintle at
Wed Feb 18 17:21:50 EST 2009

On Wed, 2009-02-18 at 09:08 -0800, Sam Clark wrote:
> Any suggestions for a beginer on what to use for version control?
> It's just me, the lone person programming.  I've already nailed one
> "version" of my code accidentaly.  MS VSS is too expensive for the
> stuff I'm doing, plus I really don't like MS much...  Any free open
> source stuff out there?

I use svn (subversion) at work and it works fine, but I'm using bazaar
<> on my own code, and even alongside svn to help
with merging branches, porting code up-stream etc.

bazaar is really great in my experience, although relatively new so you
might prefer to stick to svn. I haven't tried using bazaar on windows.

If you do go with svn, try the latest version, since merging support is
much better in this.


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