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Thu Feb 19 00:03:56 CET 2009

On Feb 18, 2:08 pm, Lionel < at> wrote:
> On Feb 18, 11:43 am, Lionel < at> wrote:
> > Hello folks, I couldn't find a specific PyGTK forum so I thought I'd
> > post here and hope someone new the answer. I feel it's a silly
> > problem, maybe something to do with a path variable? The problem: I've
> > downloaded the "all-in-one" windows binary installer for PyGTK from
> > their website. After typing in their first tutorial program and trying
> > to run from the command line, I get:
> > "This application has failed to start because libglib-2.0-0.dll was
> > not found" error dialog.
> > The traceback indicates this is happening at the "import gtk" line. A
> > quick search of my install directory for PyGTK indicates that the file
> > is indeed resident and located in C:\Program files\PyGTK\GTK\bin.
> > Is there some some sort of path variable for Python I need to modify
> > and, if so, how is this done? Thanks so much, and my apologies if this
> > is the wrong forum.
> > -L
> Well, I tried uninstalling / reinstalling PyGTK and now I'm getting a
> different traceback error:
> "ImportError: no module named pygtk"
> I checked and is located in "c:\Python25\Lib\site-packages".
> Then I displaye the sys.path:
> IDLE 1.2>>> import sys
> >>> sys.path
> ['C:\\Program Files\\PyGTK\\Python\\Lib\\idlelib', 'C:\\Program Files\
> \PyGTK\\Python\\', 'C:\\Program Files\\PyGTK\\Python\
> \DLLs', 'C:\\Program Files\\PyGTK\\Python\\lib', 'C:\\Program Files\
> \PyGTK\\Python\\lib\\plat-win', 'C:\\Program Files\\PyGTK\\Python\\lib\
> \lib-tk', 'C:\\Program Files\\PyGTK\\Python', 'C:\\Program Files\\PyGTK
> \\Python\\lib\\site-packages']
> Every single entry is related to PyGTK and nothing else. Something
> seems wrong here but I don't have enough Python experience to know
> just what. Anyone?- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

Okay, out of desperation and frustration I've wiped my Python/SciPy/
etc.. setup and reinstalled from scratch. I've tested it with my app
and all the numpy and matplotlib functionality is there and working.
My sys.path seems to be back to normal:

IDLE 1.2.4
>>> import sys
>>> sys.path
['C:\\Python25\\Lib\\idlelib', 'C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\',
'C:\\Python25\\DLLs', 'C:\\Python25\\lib', 'C:\\Python25\\lib\\plat-
win', 'C:\\Python25\\lib\\lib-tk', 'C:\\Python25', 'C:\\Python25\\lib\

I will now re-install PyGTK and see if it mysteriously decides to work
this time.

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