Building python with sqlite3

Justin Li justinli79 at
Wed Feb 18 21:29:02 EST 2009

On Feb 18, 5:13 pm, Christian Heimes <li... at> wrote:
> Justin Li schrieb:
> > I'm building and installing Ptyhon 2.6.1 on Linux. After configure,
> > make, make install, to import sqlite3 leads to ImportError. It looks
> > like I have to build Python with sqlite. I have sqlite3 installed on
> > my system. How should I build Python with it? I did not find any
> > options relating with sqlite3 of configure and Makefile.
> Do you have the development files installed as well? Run "make" again
> and look at the list of missing modules.
> Christian

Thanks for your reply, Christian.

And yes, I have. I looked into this. I'm working on a 64bit machine.
And the sqlite3 is 64bit as well. Should I install a 32bit sqlite3? I
think when I building python, the configure program should detect if
my system 32bit or 64bit one and look for proper sqlite3 version.

Is that the problem?

Thanks again,

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