Revision Control

Tim Chase python.list at
Thu Feb 19 09:28:53 EST 2009

> FWIW, Bazaar and Mercurial both have about half a dozen C modules. (Most
> of Bazaar's are Pyrex, though, not straight C.)

Thanks for the update -- it's been about 6 months since I played 
much with Bazaar.  Hopefully these C module help with some of the 
speed issues that plagued bzr in my past experimentations.

> The next release of Mercurial will add support for running without them.
>  (Bazaar already supports that, of course.)

Wonderful to hear...I'd love to be able to install mercurial on 
my web-host's machine, but it's currently not readily possible. 
A pure-python implementation (or at least fallback) will give me 
this option.



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