Which Version of wxPython for Win XP

Eric_Dexter at msn.com Eric_Dexter at msn.com
Thu Feb 19 17:03:13 CET 2009

On Feb 19, 8:22 am, "W. eWatson" <notval... at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> I'm going to try out wxPython 2.8.92 for py25. It seems like the ansi
> version is the choice for me. The other choice has unicode. Do I care?
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There is a good chance you don't care...  I think the other is for
internationalization...  best to look..  It would be easier to answer
the question if you said what you are going to do with it, and who
needed to use your software.  It's even possible that you might want
to try pygame depending on what you want to use it for and who the
audience is (and how good thier computers are)


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