Python 3D CAD -- need collaborators, or just brave souls :)

r rt8396 at
Thu Feb 19 15:54:34 EST 2009

On Feb 19, 2:29 am, Lie <Lie.1... at> wrote:
> On Feb 18, 8:02 pm, r <rt8... at> wrote:
> Blender's UI is designed for effective and efficient 3D workflow, not
> for low learning curve.

And that will be it's downfall!

I know what what Blenders UI is designed for. However not too many
people get religious about learning a UI, which is the only way you
will ever learn Blenders UI. This is why although Blender has a cult
following, it will never grow into a tool that the mainstream world
knows about, or for that matter cares about.

I have been using Blender on and off for almost a year and i still
cannot get comfortable with the UI. For instance adding a material to
a object involves multiple steps between multiple windows (WHAT!). Go
take a look at SketchUp's UI and you will see how the future will
look. Even 3DS or Maya is easier to learn that Blender.

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