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Mike Driscoll kyosohma at
Thu Feb 19 17:22:21 EST 2009

On Feb 19, 3:56 pm, oamram <oam... at> wrote:
> Hi Pythonist,
> new to python. i have a directory with about 50 text file and i need to
> iterate through them and get
> line 7 to 11 from each file and write those lines into another file(one file
> that will contain all lines).
> Cheers, Omer.
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I would recommend using the glob module to grab a list of the files
you want or you can just create your own list. Then use a loop to grab
the lines you want. Something like this:

f = open(textFile)
newFile = open(newFileName, "a")
x = 1
for line in f.readlines():
    if x >=7 and x <=11:
         newFile.write(line + "\n")

You could even put the above inside a loop that loops over the list of
files. Anyway, that's one approach. I'm sure there are many others.


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