Keeping the Console Open with IDLE

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Fri Feb 20 09:39:14 EST 2009

Catherine Heathcote wrote:
> W. eWatson wrote:
>>> I'm not sure whether I should feel old or write a smart alec comment --
>>> I suppose there are people in the world who don't know what to do with a
>>> command prompt....
>>> Assuming a Windows system:
>>> 2. Type 'cd ' (as in Change Directory) in the command prompt window (w/o
>>> the single quote characters)
>>> 3. Drag/drop the folder containing your python script to your command
>>> prompt window
>>> 4. Hit enter in your command prompt window.
>>> 5. Type python to execute
>>> --David
>> If I enter just cd, then it tells me cd is not defined. If I enter 
>> c:/python25, it tells me I have a syntax error at c in c:. The title 
>> of the black background window I have up with a >>> prompt shown in it 
>> is "Python(command line)". Maybe this isn't the real Python console 
>> window?
>> What I want is that if I execute the program by double clicking on its 
>> name to display the console window with the program or syntax errors 
>> shown without it closing in a split second. Putting read_raw in it 
>> doesn't work, since some error prevents it from ever being seen.
> you need to open a dos prompt before doing the steps above. Go to 
> start->run and hit "cmd" <enter> without the quotes.
Something is amiss here. There's the MS Command Prompt, which I'm looking at 
right now. Yes, it has cd, and so on. I'm also looking at the Python command 
line window. It allow one to run interactively.

If I write a simple python program with just raw_input, by clicking on the 
file name, I get a window with the the title "\Python25\pythonexe" that 
shows the prompt. If I deliberately put a syntax error in the program, and 
run it by clicking the file, then A window appears and disappears so quickly 
that I have no idea what it said. How do I keep that window up?

Which, if any, of these is the real Python console? What is the window 
called in the example I gave with raw_input?

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