Python 3 and easygui problem

Peter Anderson peter.anderson at
Sun Feb 22 23:17:03 CET 2009

John Machin said:

Has the OP tried to contact the author/maintainer of easygui [the
usually-recommended approach to problems with not-widely-used third-
party modules]?

Don't you think the author/maintainer might like to be consulted
before you incite an OP to claim-jump his package name on PyPI?

The OP (I presume you mean me) has tried to contact Steve Ferg (the 
original developer) but I have not had a reply yet. See my e-mail above; 
it is NOT my intention to place my modified script on PyPI as I AM NOT 
the original developer. My claim to fame is changing a few "import" and 
"print" statements and getting some useful advice from other members of 
this list.

I am happy to make my modified script available unofficially and if 
Steve does contact me I would prefer to pass it on to him for his 

This little project started out to solve a personal need not to 
plagiarise or usurp the rights and skills of another developer. I was 
happy to make my simple effort available, unofficially, in return for 
help from other list members.

I hope that resolves the issue.

*Peter Anderson*
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