How does one get from "ImportError: DLL load failed:..." to a culprit .dll and symbol?

Chris Cormie ccormie at
Sun Feb 22 22:56:09 EST 2009


I've been Googling around on a moderately common Windows Python problem: 
a mismatch between the symbols a python extension thinks are available 
and the contents of the associated DLL. Python users running into this 
problem are greeted with:

import <somemodule>
"ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified procedure could not be found."

That's it: no mention of which dll nor which symbol is causing the 
problem. Both these pieces of information are helpful/important in 
resolving this class of problem: how does one get Python to dump this 
debugging data?

(>python -v -d
doesn't help, BTW)


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