How to open a remote file using python.

MRAB google at
Mon Feb 23 05:25:13 CET 2009

venutaurus539 at wrote:
> Hello all,
>            I am writing an application where I need to open a shared
> file on a remote machine using python script. I tried using the
> following function:
> f ="\\remote_machine\\folder1\\file1.doc")
>          I also tried using
> class urllib.FancyURLopener(...)
>          but didn't work. Can some one help me in this regard.
What do you mean by "remote machine"? Do you mean you want to open a
file that's in a shared folder on a machine that's on the same local

If it's meant to be a Windows filepath then it should be:

     f = open(r"\\remote_machine\folder1\file1.doc")

(If the file is a Microsoft Word document file, then you won't probably
be able to make much sense of its contents using open().)

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