Server programming

koranthala koranthala at
Mon Feb 23 07:42:23 EST 2009

      Is server programming in Python procedure oriented or object
      I have this question because lately I am asked to make a medium
complex web program (extremely database oriented) using Django. When I
used to do application programs earlier (in Python itself), the whole
thing being object oriented came out easily in programming. So, I was
able to use different patterns etc for programming and the whole thing
was - quite fun to design and create.
      But when I program in Django, since I just have to work on user
responses - everything else being taken care of by Django - only, the
complete coding has become procedure oriented. It is not kludgy or
anything, but it doesnt have the nice feeling that we get when we code
a proper object oriented program.
      Is my coding in error here? This is infact my first web program,
so it might be the reason. What does other people find? Does web
server programming using web frameworks (Django, TurboGears etc) make
it procedure oriented? If I am in the wrong, it might be due to a
wrong design or mindset, and I would like to change it.

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