pysqlite smart search

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Mon Feb 23 16:49:01 CET 2009

klia schrieb:
> klia wrote:
>>  Hey guys;
>> I am trying to develop a tiny program using python to search inside sqlite
>> database with file extension is .db in which the program will ask users to
>> enter their search query and base on that it will retrieve the results But
>> I need the program to have some smartness in search mechanism in which the
>> program will guess that the user is looking for these key words in the
>> database.
>> so far i came up with this but the search ain't smart, i have to write the
>> full key word in order to retrieve specific information.
>> from pysqlite2 import dbapi2 as sqlite3
>> connection = sqlite3.connect('Photos.db')
>> memoryConnection = sqlite3.connect(':memory:')
>> cursor = connection.cursor()
>> prompt = 'Enter your search query?\n'
>> keyword = raw_input(prompt)
>> if cursor.execute('SELECT * FROM photos WHERE Tag LIKE ?',[keyword]):
>> print cursor.fetchall()
>> else:
>> cursor.execute('SELECT * FROM photos WHERE Date LIKE ?', [keyword])
>> print cursor.fetchall()
>> Any ideas and
>> thanks in advance
>> Reply
> thank you man, it worked perfectly but one more thing;
> when i print rows it retrieves the whole rows of info which i don't need, i
> need just to retrieve the name of the photo. 
> so how am i gonna do that?

select <columnname> ...

instead of

select *


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