can error messages be improved or can they be overridden ?

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Mon Feb 23 19:49:02 CET 2009

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> rdmurray at wrote:
>> FYI, top posts are much harder to read and to reply to than if you edit
>> the message to which you are replying and add your new content interleaved
>> or at the bottom (as I have done).
> ??? I read that before, but I can't understand it.
> I think that depends totally on the mail reader you use (although I don't
> know any mail reader that scrolls to the bottom).
> I use Thunderbird, which opens every message at the top,
> so top posting is the best readable for me,
> I don't have to scroll (assuming that I know from previous readings the
> content of the previous message).
> Replying can be preset in any reader I know just as you like, bottom or
> top.
> So I guess there must be another reason, why some (or maybe even everyone
> except me)  don't prefer top posting.

It's because of your caveat. Many of us don't remember the exact content of
the threads, especially the complicated ones that result in several
branches. When you post underneath, we can see how the thread progressed as
we scroll down. It makes it easier to follow without digging through all the
other messages.
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