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Mon Feb 23 16:27:26 EST 2009

On Feb 23, 1:00 pm, Steve Holden <st... at> wrote:
> May wrote:
> > On Feb 23, 11:31 am, Bruno Desthuilliers
> > <bdesth.quelquech... at> wrote:
> >> May a écrit :
> >>> I have three tables:
> >> Actually - from Python's code POV - three Model classes. And actually,
> >> since there's a very active, friendly and helpful django group on
> >> googlegroups, you'd be better reposting your question there.
> >> (snip Django's ORM related question)
> > The django users groups suggests using a manytomany field.  That works
> > well in the html template, but in the admin tables, the logic for the
> > manytomany field applies to the wrong model and doesn't create a
> > choice for the data entry people.  I'm trying to write this without
> > using the manytomany option.  Just using the standard relational
> > database model.  I need to understand if python can do what I need to
> > do.  So far, I've not been successful with an answer in users groups.
> I am sure if you explain in detail exactly what you want the admin to
> present to your data entry people there are those on django-users who
> can help you make it happen. That list *would* be the best place to get
> an answer: this one mostly discusses the Python language in a more
> generic manner.
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I may not stay with Django.  I am seriously looking for whether python
can read data from a relational database and send to an html template
or do I always need some kind of wrapper/interface such as Rails or
Django?  If this is the wrong group to ask that question could you
recommend another python group that could?


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