Code in, is it bad form?

Carl Banks pavlovevidence at
Mon Feb 23 22:16:54 EST 2009

On Feb 23, 5:41 pm, Michael Crute <mcr... at> wrote:
> Is it bad form (i.e. non-pythonic) to have code in your
> files? I know this is subjective so I'm just looking for the general
> consensus. I've heard both sides of the story and I personally feel
> its okay if the code pertains to the whole module but have an open
> mind about the matter. If you object to code in why, and
> what alternatives do you propose?

Well, I don't like when __init__ "helpfully" imports stuff I don't
need.  However, most single modules have lots of code I don't need,
too, and I never concern myself with them, so it's probably a
misplaced irk.

Go ahead and use it.

Carl Banks

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