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On 2009-02-24, Steve Holden <steve at> wrote:

>> However, this cannot happen. This application is running
>> multiple threads (10+) and every thread monitors the global
>> "stop_requested" flag. If there was an unexpected error in the
>> service, stop_requested.set() is called. It will stop all
>> threads and exit the process. stop_requested.clear() is NEVER
>> called, so the while loop should have not been ended. So what
>> is happening here? It drives me crazy.
> Time to get a stuffed toy and go through your code, explaining
> to the toy exactly why your code is right and nothing can go
> wrong. With luck, within half an hour you will realize what
> you are doing wrong ...

It works with a person as well as stuffed toys -- but trying to
order a person on the internet gets you in a lot more trouble.
It's also a little more embarassing when you realize your
mistake in front of a person.  OTOH, sometimes a person will
ask an enlightening question; but, sometimes they just make
unhelpfull wisecracks.  It's a tough choice.

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