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Tue Feb 24 12:31:53 EST 2009

Ben <bnsilinux at gmail.com> wrote:
>  No, It uses the the S-lang for video, and input control. However, SLAG
>  is more of an abstract layer on top of that.
>  It has a Structures that contains menus and screens (menumodule /
>  screenmodule). One LOADS them up with parameters.  such as creating
>  a new menu is like:
>  OpenMenu( Company name, SubSystem, this program name, mode, bottom
>  status display) - Create initial menu structure Addtomenu(Menu
>  Block Set name, DISPLAY line, ID, type of program, password ID ) -
>  add to / update MENU blocks.  runMenu() - Displays the whole create
>  menu structure.
>  The Menu structure is done in pull downs and scrollable blocks in a
>  TUI (text User Interface) and using the S-lang screen library is
>  fully mouseable.
>  The screen module works mych the same way, but with the abiltity to
>  open and close and work within "Sub Screens".
>  For those who do not know, S-lang is a interpreted language much
>  like Python. However, there is s direth of library modules. The
>  original S-lang started out as library of screen of keyboard
>  modules, but has been expanded
>  My SLAG project does not care in reality WHICH or what language, it
>  is simply handling menu and screen control.

So do you want to embed python into your code?

I'm still not clear what you are trying to achieve with python, though
I have a better idea what SLAG is now!

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