Python 3D CAD -- need collaborators, or just brave souls :)

r rt8396 at
Tue Feb 24 21:28:58 CET 2009

On Feb 20, 3:09 pm, Dotan Cohen <dotanco... at> wrote:
> > Even 3DS or Maya is easier to learn that Blender.
> Notepad is easier to learn that VI. Not a good program does simple make.

And not a good program does complex make either Yoda.

Assembly language is very powerful and allows full control down to the
processor level. With your logic all programs would be written in
assembly. Only problem is with that logic we would be 30 years behind
in development of software at this time. Abstraction is paramount to
advancement. With abstraction now you can focus on the problem at hand
instead of miles of steps just to get to the problem at hand. Human
beings are not hardware, we need high levels of abstraction so we can
do what we do best... dream, image, and create.

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