File Path retrieving problem

music24by7 at music24by7 at
Wed Feb 25 16:37:21 CET 2009

Hi all,

I am new to Python, i have installed python 2.5.4 and it is my

I need to retrieve the path of filename in python.

I have found some API's to get this:

from os.path import realpath
print realpath("NEWS.txt")  # here NEWS.txt exists and it shows the
path of the file as C:\Python25\WorkSpace\NEWS.txt
print realpath("abc.txt") # here abc.txt does not exist but still it
shows C:\Python25\WorkSpace\abc.txt

can anybody tell the reason why????

Now took some safety measures:

found = lexists(realpath(filename))
        if found == 0:
            print "Not Found"
            print realpath(filename)

i have given the filename as "NEWS.txt" and "abc.txt" but i am always
getting the output as "Not Found"

Can anyone please tell me where am i doing wrong????

also any suggestions to retrieve the filepath from a given filename is
highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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