This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect

Lorenzo loluengo at
Wed Feb 25 18:51:55 CET 2009

On 17 feb, 19:44, Mark Hammond <skippy.hamm... at> wrote:
> On 18/02/2009 5:49 AM, Sam Clark wrote:
> > I am receiving the message "Thisapplicationhasfailedtostartbecause
> > theapplicationconfiguration is incorrect" when I attempt to run a
> > compiled Python program on another machine. I have used py2exe on both a
> > 2.6.1 and a 2.6.0 version of the .py and .pyw files. Everything works
> > great on the machine where Python 2.6 is loaded, but fails on machines
> > where I copy the .exe to the machine. I'm a beginner at python
> > programming. In fact this is my first packaged program. Any thoughts at
> > a beginners level would be helpful.
> This will be due to the C runtime library not being installed correctly
> on the target machine.  

I had the same issue. After looking some "patch" solutions of putting
manually some dlls on the dist folder, I realized that you can fix it
by installing one of these packages, see which one fits your system:


PS: Mark, this could be added to a kind of "Deployment" entry in
py2exe wiki, it would be useful.

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