Python Image Library IOError - cannot find JPEG decoder?

Irmen de Jong irmen.NOSPAM at
Wed Feb 25 15:39:57 EST 2009

wongobongo wrote:
> On Feb 24, 9:34 am, Dario Traverso <traver... at> wrote:
>> I've been trying to install the Python Image Library  (PIL) on my Mac  
>> OSX Leopard laptop, but have been running into some difficulties.
>> I've built the library, using the included  script. The build  
>> summary checks out ok, and sounds the option libraries to all be  
>> found. I grabbed both libjpeg and freetype2  using  fink.

I did a similar thing, but not using Fink, on my mac (running osx 10.4)
I documented the procedure I had to take to get it to work:

It's in Dutch but you can probably figure it out.
I guess since you were on 10.5 that you have to adapt the
'DEPLOMENT_TARGET' variable in a suitable manner.

Hope it helps,


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