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Paul McGuire ptmcg at austin.rr.com
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You flatter me sir (or madam? can't tell from your name...), but I wouldn't
presume to so lofty a title among this crowd.  I'd save that for the likes
of Alan Gauld and Kent Johnson, who are much more prolific  and informative
contributors to this list than I.

-- Paul

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Ha the guru himself responding :-)

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> > Hi
> >
> > Something like this
> >
> <snip solution using ElementTree>
> >
> > Note i am not a python programmer just a enthusiast
> and i was curious why people on the list didnt suggest a code like 
> above
> >
> You just beat the rest of us to it - good example of ElementTree for 
> parsing XML (and I Iearned the '//' shortcut for one or more 
> intervening tag levels).
> To the OP: if you are parsing XML, I would look hard at the modules 
> (esp. ElementTree) that are written explicitly for XML, before 
> considering using regular expressions.  There are just too many 
> potential surprises when trying to match XML tags - presence/absence/ 
> order of attributes, namespaces, whitespace inside tags, to name a 
> few.
> -- Paul
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