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En Fri, 27 Feb 2009 07:33:44 -0200, pranav <pranny at> escribió:

> Greeting fellow pycoders,
> I have a script that browses large codes and replaces certain text
> with some other text. Of lately i observed an issue.Some of the
> original text were like
> <cfif IsDefined("attributes.SOFTPREREQ")>
>     ,N'#attributes.SOFTPREREQ#'
> </cfif>
> My module does scan this code and suggests replacement to this code.
> But when i use the string.replace() method, it just fails. A
> string.find() for above code in the whole file returns code -1.
> Where am i going wrong? I figure it could be something to do with
> character encoding or else.

Do you mean, you look for those three complete lines with a single  
Hard to guess... maybe there is some withespace at the end of a line, some  
additional leading whitespace in the second line, a tab character instead  
of spaces, maybe those ' are instead ´ or `, maybe the file does not use  
\n as a line termination, maybe the file encoding doesn't match what you  

If string.find() does return -1, it is because the text you're looking for  
is NOT inside the string. No use in questioning that. If you think the  
text IS there, get a decent hex editor and examine the file near the  
supposed match, character by character, and see WHERE is the difference  
(there MUST be a difference).

Gabriel Genellina

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