OT: handling multiple software repositories

Loretta SALINO loretta at fhv.at
Fri Feb 27 08:51:49 EST 2009

Tim Golden wrote:

> Thomas Guettler wrote:
>> Hi,
>> this is a bit off topic.
>> In our company we have several SVN repositories.
>> According to [1] Trac by default only handles one
>> repository.
>> Of course Trac links like changeset [1234] would not work anymore.
>> You would need [repro/1234] or something like this.
>> I think many (python) programmer have several repositories
>> and need to handle this somehow.
>> How do you do this?
>> I want a common wiki and a common bug tracker. It should
>> be possible to attach a bug to several repositories.
>> Up to now I don't use Trac, if someone has an alternative, please
>> tell me!
> Have a look at DrProject[1], a Trac-alike which handles
> multiple projects. (Not used it myself).
> [1] https://www.drproject.org/

Good hint, thanks! I'm in the same situation and have been installing Trac
right these days. However, where is DrProject?

Following the links pointing to TGZs fails and installing from svn doesn't
work poperly (error messages about PyDispatcher). So, how did/do you
install DrProject?

Kind regards

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