Using xreadlines

Roy H. Han starsareblueandfaraway at
Fri Feb 27 12:03:38 EST 2009


I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to do, but you can keep track
of line numbers using itertools.

import itertools
for lineIndex, line in itertools.izip(itertools.count(1), open('text.txt')):
    print lineIndex, line

Here is sample code for breaking on a word and returning the previous line

def breakOnWord(filePath, word):
    previousLine = ''
    for line in open(filePath):
        if word in line:
            return previousLine
        previousLine = line

On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 11:43 AM,  <bearophileHUGS at> wrote:
> Brett Hedges:
>> How would I keep track of the absolute position of the lines?
> You may have to do all things manually (tell, seek and looking for
> newlines manually, iterating chars), that's why I have said it's not
> handy. The other solutions are simpler.
> Bye,
> bearophile
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