mmcclaf mmcclaf at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 16:00:22 CET 2009

So basically you are complaining that groups don't pick up post by
GMail users?

As for the SQL thing, you still don't see how I am linking this to
SQL? I have to make in your terms: a textual representation of the
statements I'd make in SQL. The statement I made with the bold SELECT,
etc, replace those with the relational algebra symbols, hence needing
to make a relational algebra expression.

>> So in short of the responses given, I need to study further: GROUP BY,
>> HAVING, AS, COUNT, and subselect queries, right?

>        Since it's homework, we (this group) won't be giving direct SQL statements...

I never said I wanted direct SQL statements, moreso guidance as to
what direction I should be heading for each of the queries. I just
wanted to make sure that there might not be other things I might want
to study as  well that might be required for the queries. Try not to
interpret what isn't there... I'm looking for help, not direct answers.

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