OTish: convince the team to drop VBScript

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Sat Feb 28 19:59:50 CET 2009

Christian R. schrieb:
> Hello,
> Brand new to this list, I've not found a quick way to search the
> archives, and this is not a technical question.
> I've just been hired at a digital signage company. They use VBScript
> for simple-to-medium scripting. I've abandoned it about 8 years ago. I
> want to convince the manager and the two programmers to switch to
> Python. My main arguments for Python:
> 	- Faster
> 	- More powerful
> 	- Simpler syntax
> 	- More up-to-date, evolving
> 	- Modularity
> 	- Lots of open source modules
> 	- Better for development of "tools" (a goal stated by the mgr)

- Heavily used by lots of large companies and major players like Google,
NASA, CERN ... Check out http://www.python.org/about/success/

> Not so sure:
> 	- Easier to integrate/translate with/into C#, which is what is used
> there for complex development. Am I right?

Well, there are IronPython and PythonDotNET. The former ist a full blown
implementation of Python in .NET sponsored by Microsoft and part of the
next release of Visual Studio. The later is a bridge between .NET and


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