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> In my project I have several date related methods which I want tested for
> correctness. The functions use in several places. Since this
> could change every time I run the test, I hope to find someway to fake a
> For illustration lets say I have a function:
> from datetime import date
> def today_is_2009():
>     return == 2009
> To test this I would like to write test function like:
> def test_today_is_2009():
>     set_today(date(2008, 12, 31))
>     assert today_is_2009() == False
>     set_today(date(2009,1,1))
>     assert today_is_2009() == True

Instead of trying to inject a fake date, you could rewrite the function to
take a date argument:

def today_is_2009(today=None):
    if today is None:
      today =
    return today.year == 2009

Then, tests should pass a known date. This approach has a drawback -- you
don't test the case when no argument is given.

Another way is to use a fake date class, or a fake datetime module. Google  
"python mock object"

Gabriel Genellina

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