Static Map

KMCB kmcbrearty at
Sat Feb 28 20:13:35 CET 2009


I'm interested in creating a static map of a region in the US.  This
map would be set into a picture format, so I can add it to a
document.  I would like it to contain some town names and road
information.  Then I would like to add points, based on LAT and LONG,
that can be labeled with information I provide.

I have done some searching, Google Maps probably will not work because
of the License.  WuGeo does not seam to have the details.  I was
considering tw.openlayers, but do not know if that is the best
starting point.  If I could not create the picture from Python, would
use tw and then create a screen shot to get started.

Does anyone have thoughts on a better approach?


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