Thank you, Tkinter. (easy to use)

r rt8396 at
Thu Feb 12 01:39:24 EST 2009


Tkinter is a great GUI toolkit, for what it lacks in prettiness it
more than makes up for in simple and quick GUI building. I think this
is the main reason Tkinter continues to be Python's built-in GUI
toolkit. It is a great place to start for those with no GUI
experience. Sure it will never be as rich as wxPython or the like, but
that is not what Tkinter is made for.

I use Tkinter for all my tools that need a UI, and others as well. The
only complaint i have is the poor support for image types i really
wish there where at least support for one good image like jpg, png,
and full color bitmaps.The canvas widget could also use a little more
functionality, but hey maybe one day i will have time to polish it up
a bit.

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