greenlets and how they can be used

Aaron Brady castironpi at
Thu Jan 1 00:24:56 CET 2009

On Dec 30, 9:40 pm, "James Mills" <prolo... at>
> Hey all,
> The "greenlet" from
> is a rather interesting way of handling flow of control.
> I can't seem to find anything else on the subject
> except for the above link and the most recent version
> 0.2 and it's tests.
> What can "greenlet"'s be used for ? What use-cases
> have you guys used them for (if any) ?
> Can they be used in place of threads with much
> the same effect -  but more lightweight ?

I don't know Erlang, but it seems to be useful for a construction of a
unit of work that is more consistent with the underlying goal.

I had a dream for a while that in a GUI framework, every event would
spawn a unique thread.  The GUI would remain responsive even while
executing minor tasks.  Of course, shaving a second off running time
isn't exactly mission-critical to GUI users.

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