Why not Ruby?

r rt8396 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 08:12:48 CET 2009

Hey Lee,
I really like your overview of the official Python tut, it's spot on,
and your study of OOP was quite fascinating! I like people who are
honest and not afraid to go up against the status quo, although i will
admit you go a little further than i might at times :). But the world
needs an enema from time to time. "Revolution is my name!"

Face it, the world needs people like Xah. Go check out his site, his
insights of languages and tech is fascinating. The man lives in a
world driven by common sense, and you know what they say --"Common
sense is the least most common thing"-- just look around at the
responses here.

I come from a different world than IT, and I thought initially the IT
world would be filled with intelligent, free thinking, and open minded
people... BOY was i wrong! I would not turn my back on these people
for a second, lest you catch a knife in it!

I find it laughable how people hate you so much, but would still take
the time to reply to your post, just so they can call you a troll. You
are not a troll Xah, but your posts do expose the true trolls and
their minions. Instead of engaging in any sort of intellectual
conversation, they spit 3 grade insults and try to discredit you.

There is nothing wrong with a person expressing their opinion on any
subject. Apparently some of you need to get laid and calm down a
little. Xah has just as much right as anyone here to post his
thoughts, even if they are off topic. Look, if you don't like what he
is saying, DON'T F'IN READ IT!

Xah, I been watching your posts for sometime and it looks like you
have been around for a while. Your profile shows one star & 410
ratings. I have only been in usenet for 2 month and i have one star
and 253 ratings(that will grow to much more after this post), most are
from my supposed "brothers" here at c.l.py. Just letting you know
there are open minded people out here. I would hate to live in a world
that did not contain an Xah lee.

Keep up the good work my brother, you have much more to give!

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