Videocapture in python

koranthala at koranthala at
Thu Jan 1 04:29:19 CET 2009

I face issues in videocapture in python. Cant find anyplace where we
can raise bug reports, so mentioning here. Also help required if
somebody has solved it earlier.

On using videocapture (python 2.4), I am facing the following issues
while creating a video sort of application.
-> Pull out the usb cable : Videocapture gets the data stored
initially in the buffer and returns always. The images are not updated
- but also there is no error returned.
i.e. there is no information to the viewer that it is not working
anymore. Especially because since the timestamp is updated everytime
(it is done inside - wherein current time is
overwritten on the received image), it gives a feeling that video is

Currently I have done a workaround in that every 2 captures, i setup
the camera again - but it takes too much time. Anyone has any
suggestions on solving this?

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