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Can you post your code or a code segment? I would be interested in seeing
how this works.

On Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 3:29 AM, <koranthala at> wrote:

> I face issues in videocapture in python. Cant find anyplace where we
> can raise bug reports, so mentioning here. Also help required if
> somebody has solved it earlier.
> On using videocapture (python 2.4), I am facing the following issues
> while creating a video sort of application.
> -> Pull out the usb cable : Videocapture gets the data stored
> initially in the buffer and returns always. The images are not updated
> - but also there is no error returned.
> i.e. there is no information to the viewer that it is not working
> anymore. Especially because since the timestamp is updated everytime
> (it is done inside - wherein current time is
> overwritten on the received image), it gives a feeling that video is
> running.
> Currently I have done a workaround in that every 2 captures, i setup
> the camera again - but it takes too much time. Anyone has any
> suggestions on solving this?
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