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On Jan 1, 2:05 am, Jason Rumney <jasonrum... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jan 1, 3:12 pm, r <rt8... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > The man lives in a world driven by common sense
> "Common" sense suggests that his views are shared among the general
> populace. I don't see much evidence of that in the sometimes never-
> ending threads that frequently follow his postings. But it is good to
> start debates about making changes to the status quo, often the
> debates will result in worthwhile changes, even if those changes are
> not what he proposed. I just wish he would choose his venue a little
> more carefully sometimes.

I think if you will consider society as a whole, you will see that
most people don't display much sense at all. "Joe Blow" only cares
about paris hilton, britney spears, or janet jackson wardrobe
malfunctions. The only thing they contribute to society is human
excrement. So --"Common sense is the least most common thing"-- really
means there exists no sense as a commonality.

This can apply to higher educated people too, even Guido. Go and read
Xahs take on the Python official tutorial, you will find your self
agreeing with everything that he says. Guido filled it with so much
fluff and off topic BS, causing the learning process to shut down. The
only kind of person that might find it enjoying would be a fellow
Computer Science Graduate. I did not know it at the time but this
contributed to my late understanding of classes and regexes. And being
such a fanboy of Python and carrying such a high respect for Guido
that is hard for me to say, BUT it is the TRUTH nonetheless. Guido has
no business writing tutorials anymore, WHY you ask. Because he is too
smart, and too much on the inside. He cannot relate to the n00b
pythoneer, he has crossed the Rubicon. Less fluff more simple examples
are the key to quick learning. My love for python has blinded me to
some of the atrocities that exist here. I have many more examples from
the Official-TUT than Xah covered.

Don't take my word, judge for yourself...

here is Xah's take on OOP, very good reading for beginners and

If all Xah did was come here and say "Hey, python sucks donkey
dicks!", i would pay him no mind. But he brings much intelligence, and
vigor to an otherwise boring, and sometimes mindless newsgroup. What i
like about him is his out-side-the-box thinking style. He does not
give in to this BS "Proper Society" wants to push onto us. He is a
real rebel, but WITH a cause! And the cause is to bring common sense
back to a world of fluff an BS jargonisms. I don't always agree with
his thoughts, but most the time he's spot on. Open your min c.l.py.
Lest it close forever.

eliminate the life decline...
its time to change...
can't stay the same...
Revolution is my name!
 -Phil Anselmo-

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