Creating an application for Linux

Mike Driscoll kyosohma at
Thu Jan 1 17:44:26 CET 2009

On Jan 1, 7:47 am, lkcl <luke.leigh... at> wrote:
> On Dec 31 2008, 9:54 pm, Mike Driscoll <kyoso... at> wrote:
> > On Dec 31, 3:36 pm,lkcl<luke.leigh... at> wrote:
> > > hiya mike: where do i know you from?  i've heard your name somewhere
> > > and for the life of me can't remember where!  anyway... onwards.
> > I don't know...while your username looks vaguely familiar, I don't
> > think I've communicated with you recently. I spend most of my time on
> > the wxPython list now...
>  i think it might be from my old school - i could be confusing you
> with
>  someone, though - "gary driscoll", perhaps? anyway, never mind :)
> > > testing: you should really use a debootstrap absolute "basic"
> > > environment (set up a chroot, or a virtual KVM or other virtual PC,
> > > qemu, whatever, or even a real machine) do NOT do a "full" install of
> > > ubuntu, do an absolute minimalist install (netbook, businesscard,
> > > whatever).
> > I thought the general practice was to test on the closest software/
> > hardware combo that your application was most likely to run on.
>  that you should do as well :)  you should be able to either upgrade
>  the bare-bones version using "tasksel install desktop" or just...
>  what-the-heck, install on a vanilla combo.
> appears offline at the moment - maybe it'll be
> back later.  i recommend you go for the mini.iso

Ok...thanks for the info!

> > I have
> > heard of doing testing on the lowest common denominator before though.
> > Unfortunately, I don't have time to set up a bare-bones VM since we're
> > closing soon, but I may give this a go on Friday and report back.
>  ok - the issue that you will face if you _don't_ do a LCD test is
> that
>  should ubuntu get upgraded, and one of the packages that _used_ to
> pull
>  in a dependency [that you missed] no longer does so...

I see. I had hoped that there was a way to create a frozen application
like I do with py2exe on Windows so I wouldn't have to worry about a
Linux upgrade breaking my application. I've been told that PyInstaller
might do the trick too. Either way, I'll post the solution that works
for me.

Happy New Year!


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