Why not Ruby?

Jürgen Exner jurgenex at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 1 19:17:54 CET 2009

r <rt8396 at gmail.com> wrote:

[Why not Ruby?]

Becasue it is off topic in CL.perl.M just as in any other NG he posted

>Face it, the world needs people like Xah. Go check out his site, his

Oh my good, the idiot discovered alter egos. 

>There is nothing wrong with a person expressing their opinion on any
>subject. Apparently some of you need to get laid and calm down a
>little. Xah has just as much right as anyone here to post his
>thoughts, even if they are off topic. 

Exactly everyone's point. He has exactly the same right as anybody else
which is exactly that NOBODY has the "right" to post off topic posts.
Sometimes they may be tolerated, on rare, special occasions even be
welcome. But by and large they are as disturbing as playing 'Love me
tender' during a perfomance of the Walkuere. I don't want to hear Elvis,
I paid my money for Wagner! If I wanted to listen to Elvis, then I would
go to an Elvis concert.

>Look, if you don't like what he
>is saying, DON'T F'IN READ IT!

He has been plonked a loooooooong time ago. It's just he newcomers, who
still respond to him. And no his alter ego with the unpronouncable name
of rt8396.

>Xah, I been watching your posts for sometime and it looks like you
>have been around for a while. Your profile shows one star & 410
>ratings. I have only been in usenet for 2 month and i have one star
>and 253 ratings(that will grow to much more after this post), most are

There are neither profiles nor stars or ratings on Usenet. Keep you
made-up nonsense to yourself.


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