How to run Python in Windows w/o popping a DOS box?

GeertVc geert.discussions at
Thu Jan 1 19:45:55 CET 2009

On Jan 1, 7:05 pm, Geert Vancompernolle <geert.discussi... at>
> I know it's been a long while since this thread has been handled, but
> maybe this is a "final" solution to your problem (if not yet resolved):
> Especially the last file results in only one exe which contains
> *all* the necessary stuff (only tested it on small examples, though)
> Maybe you can give this a try...
> Best rgds,
> --Geert
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> *

Might seem an "odd" posting at first, but I wanted to reply on a
(quite) old thread:

I couldn't reply any more on that one, so...

Best rgds,

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