Why not Ruby?

Tomasz Rola rtomek at ceti.com.pl
Thu Jan 1 20:08:34 CET 2009

On Thu, 1 Jan 2009, sln at netherlands.com wrote:

> On Wed, 31 Dec 2008 23:16:41 -0500, Kenneth Tilton <kentilton at gmail.com> wrote:
> >Xah Lee wrote:
> >> Just spent 3 hours looking into Ruby today. Here's my short impression
> >> for those interested.
> >> 
> Be carefull what you say. If they pay me I would rip your and Xah's
> guts out in a second.
> sln

Too much champagne? A guy (XL) is sometimes off topic and I don't always 
agree with his postings - if I find the subject somewhat worthy, I usually 
skim through it, this is how I have found myself knee deep in this 
strange exchange between XL's supporters and opponents. And his website is 
big like a magazine and full of strange, sometimes not interesting or hard 
to assess stuff (it needs time to read and time is hard to find nowadays). 
But sometimes, what he writes is informative, too. A bit redundant but 
still, I would give him a small "plus", rather than "zero" or "minus".

But I do not remember him being blunt or agressive.

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