Why not Ruby?

Tim Greer tim at burlyhost.com
Fri Jan 2 00:19:58 CET 2009

Richard Riley wrote:

> Tim Greer <tim at burlyhost.com> writes:
>> Giampaolo Rodola' wrote:
>>> This is not a Ruby group.
>>> I recommend you to go waste your time there.
>> That poster has a frequent habit of cross posting to multiple,
>> irrelevant news groups.  There's no rhyme or reason to it.  It's best
>> to just filter the guy's posts.
> No rhyme nor reason? It's quite clear, to me, why.
> How is a comparison article not relevant when he is trying to
> stimulate discussion about alternative languages for modern
> development? Most news readers feature a kill thread command if you
> are not interested in the content. Certainly less extreme or ignorant
> than killing all posts from someone who clearly has interesting things
> to say about development practises and tools.

Don't get so wound up because people in groups he cross posts this junk
to actually don't want to see it.  This poster is hardly interesting or
offering anything intelligent.  This poster has a history of posting
things that he is personally interested in arguing about, and posting
it in groups that are not about the languages he chooses to complain
about.  There is no rhyme or reason to post in the Perl news group, for
example, if you're complaining about Ruby.  This is not even close to
the first time this has happened, much like his relentless posts about
Mathematica (again, cross posted to several groups, including Perl). 
This user has a specific bias and is trolling to get a rise out of
people by picking random languages and trying to cut them down,
claiming *his* opinions (based on lack of insights, ironically) are
superior.  He does this often, and always cross posts to several groups
that are completely irrelevant to his argument.

The fact you actually buy into this nonsense, actually doesn't make
anyone else wrong or ignorant for not agreeing with him, or falling for
it.  In fact, it means exactly the opposite.  If he had something
actually interesting and/or relevant, then his rants would be more
tolerated by users of these groups.  However, since he offers none of
those aspects, this is why you see people voice their grievances.  Look
at this in its basic element, if you don't believe what people say --
this user didn't post the topic in the most revelant group (being the
ruby group), and each time he goes off on another misguided tangent,
several people prove him wrong, and it doesn't phase him or change
anything -- he just continues to cross post.  Like I said, if you think
he's interesting, fine.  However, many people don't.  Perhaps as you
learn more about programming, development and specific tools and
practices, you'll come to realize this fact as well.  In the meantime,
the irony is probably lost when you actually believe he is offering
something of substance, interest or that people whom know better are
somehow ignorant.
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