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> >> The man lives in a world driven by common sense
> >
> > "Common" sense suggests that his views are shared among the general
> > populace. I don't see much evidence of that in the sometimes never-
> > ending threads that frequently follow his postings. But it is good to
> > start debates about making changes to the status quo, often the
> > debates will result in worthwhile changes, even if those changes are
> > not what he proposed. I just wish he would choose his venue a little
> > more carefully sometimes.
> I find that with Xah's posts people argue the man and not his
> points. And they argue the man because he refuses to be brow beaten by
> those who do not like to be criticised or are too think skinned. I
> rarely find his posts controversial but always interesting. His ELisp
> tutorial is far and away better than anything else out there for the
> programmer moving to Elisp IMO. He backs up his points with reasons and
> supportive evidence and rarely with "because I'm experienced and thats
> the way it is" - something not every one takes the time to do. He is
> clearly intelligent, thoughtful and experienced if a little lacking in
> finesse at times. The world needs more Xah lees.

If this were an Elisp/Mathematica/Ruby group, those posts would be fine. It
isn't just the content of the posts, it's their subject that gets on
everyone's nerves. We don't want to hear about Elisp tutorials or why
Mathematica is superior to Python. We want to hear about Python. This isn't
people being closed-minded, it's about people trying to keep comp.lang.*
python* focused on python. If we want to hear about Elisp, we'd ask about it
on an emacs or a lisp group. If we want to hear about Mathematica, we'd ask
Wolfram for help. If Xah Lee came to the group with posts that constituted
"general discussions and questions about Python" people on the list wouldn't
get so annoyed.
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