why cannot assign to function call

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On a mostly not related note: 

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 07:52:26AM -0800, Aaron Brady wrote:
> According to some rules, these are ungrammatical sentences, due to
> plurality disagreement.  Ex:
> The Morning Star is ...
> The Evening Star is ...
> *The Morning Star and The Evening Star is...
> *The Morning Star and The Evening Star are...
> Neither of the latter two is correct.  (* marks ungrammatical.)   As
> such, the listener isn't sure what meaning to take.

This statement is false.  The latter of the two is grammatically
correct.  The subject is a compound subject joined by the conjunction
"and" which indicates that there are two subjects, and thus the plural
form of the verb is necessary and correct.
> Identity isn't defined on math objects, only on Python objects; there
> is no notion of 'is' in math.  

This is also false, it even has its own operator (which requires
Unicode to display): ≡

Still, the point you're trying to make is right: this stuff is hard to
talk about, and the model actually encourages the use of ambiguous or
even contradictory explanations.

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