If your were going to program a game...

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Fri Jan 2 18:44:55 CET 2009

On Jan 2, 3:02 pm, J Kenneth King <ja... at agentultra.com> wrote:
> Tokyo Dan <huff... at tokyo.email.ne.jp> writes:
> > If your were going to program a game in python what technologies would
> > you use?
> > The game is a board game with some piece animations, but no movement
> > animation...think of a chess king exploding. The game runs in a
> > browser in a window of a social site built around the game. The social
> > site has login, chat, player stats, list of active games, etc. AND
> > there is also be a desktop client that accesses the game server via
> > the same communication mechanism (like an AIR-based desktop client/
> > app) as the browser-based version - I guess using JSON/RPC.
> Ever see chess.com?
> I don't know what they're using in the backend, but the client is
> entirely javascript.
> You could probably roll your own python javascript compiler to suit your
> needs. It could probably even build up your own DSL for writing these
> games.
> It's a worthwhile project and I think there might be support for it from
> other developers.

There's a project called Pyjamas, and PyPy also has a Python to
Javascript compiler.

Imagine debugging it though - ouch. Just write some Javascript
already. ;-)

Michael Foord

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