Reverse order of bit in repeating seqence of byte string

imageguy imageguy1206 at
Fri Jan 2 19:34:12 CET 2009

I am looking for the most efficient method of replacing a repeating
sequence in a byte string returned from a imaging .dll, connected via

I receive the byte string with the following sequence 'bgrbgrbgrbgr'
and I would like to convert this to 'rbgrbgrbgrbg'
FWIW, the string is created using ctypes.create_string_buffer function

The following code works but feels a bit clunk and is rather slow too.

blist = list(buffer)
for start in xrange(0,len(blist), 3):
        blue = blist[start]
        red = blist[start+2]
        blist[start] = red
        blist[start+2] = blue
   except IndexError:

new_buffer = ''.join(blist)

new_buffer is then passed to a wx program to create and image.

Any thoughts comments would be appreciated.


PS:  I started this post earlier, but I think I hit the send button
too soon.  My apologies to the group for sloppy typing.

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