Is there a better algorithm?

Markus Brueckner news at
Fri Jan 2 19:55:43 CET 2009


Fuzzyman wrote:

> I'm sure there is a clever one liner using the Python 2.5 ternary
> expression syntax. On the other hand I'm not sure it would be very
> readable, so a straightforward (if less clever) solution is probably
> better.

that would be something like this (using a generator)

L = [(1, 2), (3, 4, 5), (6, 7)]
g = ( ((e[0],None,e[1]) if len(e)==2 else (e[0],e[1],e[2])) for e in L)

for elem in g:
	print elem

So long,
P.S: No, I don't consider that more readable than your example ;-)
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