Request For (gozerbot) Testers

Bart Thate bthate at
Fri Jan 2 23:04:46 CET 2009

So 0.9 is getting in shape and there is one issue that keeps me from
releasing 0.9 and that is the upgrade path. 0.9 is vastely different
from 0.8 so a special upgrade script has been written to aid with
this. Now i have tested this on some gozerbot users but i need a more
broader audience that wants to test this for me. So if you run a 0.8
gozerbot you could help me out with testing the 0.9 upgrade script,
testing can be done along side your own bot so you dont loose your old

To test do the following:

1) hg clone 0.9bot
2) cd 0.9bot
3) hg clone
4) ./bin/gozerbot-upgrade <oldbotdir> .
5) ./bin/gozerbot

Check if the bot has converted your data properly with the !size
command. As a last step you can test the plugins with the !test-plugs
If you have any problems with testing gozerbot 0.9 let me know on
#dunkbots IRCnet or at bthate at .. THNX ;]


see for more information about the
upcoming 0.9 release

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